About the Court

On these pages you will find information about the role and work of District Court Judges.

  • The Judicial Branch of Government

    The New Zealand system of Government is based on the separation of powers between the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. This separation provides checks and balances on how the...

  • Jurisdiction of the District Court

    The District Court constitutes the largest court in New Zealand and the whole of Australasia. Many of the legal issues which affect New Zealanders are dealt with at the District...

  • The District Court Judiciary

    On these pages you will find information about the District Court Judiciary.

  • Our Vision and Our Values

    Our Vision and Our Values. To do right to all people according to law, without This graphic is also available in pdf format: District-Court-Vision-and-Values.pdf

  • Judges Talk About the Law

    In 2018 judges of the District Court explore aspects and processes of the law they interpret and apply.   Root causes of family violence under judicial spotlight[sitetree_link,id=2298] Judge A Skellern Judge Anna...

  • Judges at Work

    Individual judges explain their roles and the diverse skills and experience they bring to the bench. Image of the judges profiled in the Judges at Work section.

  • How District Court Judges Make Decisions

    The role of a judge is to make or facilitate decisions in accordance with New Zealand’s laws. In order to perform this role, a judge must apply the laws which...

  • Judges and the Wider Community

    The role of judges is to serve the public. All judges do this by applying the law — which is made by the democratic legislature — in a way which gives...

  • Useful Links

    If you are seeking independent legal advice: Find a lawyer by searching the New Zealand Law Society's directory of lawyers. Community Law Centres[http://communitylaw.org.nz/] provide free one-on-one legal help to those...