New Zealand Police v LL [2018] NZYC 371

Published 16 May 2019

Early release — residence — supervision order. A hearing was conducted to determine whether the young person, LL, could be released from youth residence early. A report provided by residence staff noted only one small behavioural issue during his time under their care, otherwise LL had behaved well at residence. He had even managed to achieve his NCEA level 1. He was described as a model student who participated positively in class discussions and showed great sporting ability. Initially, LL did not want early release from residence. He had not completed drug and alcohol therapy and his social workers had struggled with finding a place for him to stay upon release. After talking to his lawyer LL changed his mind. Temporary accommodation was to be provided while social workers worked hard to find a permanent home for LL. The young person was granted early release. A 6-month supervision order was also made. Conditions of the order were that LL was to live where his social worker directed, complete a drug and alcohol programme, attend a job-finding programme and have a curfew of 7pm. LL was ordered not to associate with named individuals and not to take drugs or alcohol. Judgment Date: 21 June 2018. * * * Note: Names have been changed to comply with legal requirements * * *