Electrical Registration Board v Atkins [2019] NZDC 3666

Published 13 June 2019

Sentencing — prescribed electrical work — Electricity Act 1992 — Electrical Works Registration Board — EWRB. The defendant faced sentencing after pleading guilty to a charge that he did prescribed electrical work at a property in breach of the terms of the Electricity Act. The Electrical Workers Registration Board ("EWRB") oversees the registration of people carrying out prescribed electrical work in New Zealand. The EWRB received a complaint about the defendant after he carried out electrical work at a property. Safety concerns noted after inspection of the work included exposed mains cables, cables left open-ended, fitting of a non-regulation shaver outlet and unprotected cables. The victim had pursued civil litigation in order to get payment for the faulty work from the defendant. The Judge adopted a starting point of a $5000. This was reduced to $4000 for the defendant's previous good character and guilty plea. A 50 percent reduction was given to recognise the defendant's financial position. 90 percent of the fine was allocated to the EWRB and the defendant was ordered to pay Court costs of $130 and a solicitor's fee of $226. Judgment Date: 27 February 2019.