R v Sage Ellerington [2016] NZDC 17607

Published 10 January 2017

Supplying methamphetamine — offering to supply methamphetamine — R v Fatu [2006] 2 NZLR 72 (CA) — possession of a restricted weapon — receiving — R v McLaren [2016] NZHC 1431 — sentencing. The defendant was sentenced to two years and ten months' imprisonment on representative charges of supplying and offering to supply methamphetamine. In determining the starting point of four years and nine months' imprisonment the Judge followed "McLaren" where a lower start point was given to recognise the impact of drug addiction on the defendant in that case. A discount was given for the defendant's rehabilitation efforts. A concurrent sentence of six months was given for the charge of possession of a restricted weapon and one month concurrent for a charge of receiving. Judgment Date: 8 September 2016.