New Zealand Police v Myers [2017] NZDC 10390

Published 13 October 2017

Sentencing — theft — burglary — using a document — failure to answer bail. The defendant was at a shop, removed a doll from the shelf and removed the packaging the doll was in using scissors she had brought with her. The defendant hid the doll on her person and left the store without paying for it. On a second and third occasion the defendant returned to the shop and hid a make-up item in her jacket and stole a fragrance gift pack. The defendant was also involved in six burglaries, where she would enter properties and remove items such as Xbox games, shoes, a television, a lawn mower and food items. In relation to the using a document charge the defendant used the Victims payWave cards to make purchases. The defendant also faced burglary charges whereby she observed a lawn mower sitting unattended, and has pushed the mower home. The defendant has then mowed her front law before selling the lawnmower on the Internet. The court gave the defendant a deduction for her guilty plea and sentenced her to two years and three months imprisonment. Judgment Date: 18 May 2017