R v Warner [2017] NZDC 10625

Published 13 September 2017

Sentencing — aggravated robbery — injuring with intent to injure. The defendant demanded money from two victims using a weapon that the victims believed to be a gun which he pointed at the heads of the victims. The defendant took money, the victim's cell phone, and a vehicle owned by the second victim. Both victims received injuries as a result of the offending. The defendant, on a separate occasion became engaged in an argument with his partner as e suspected that she was having an affair. As a result of this argument, the defendant assaulted her, causing significant injuries to her face and head area. In relation to the aggravated robbery charges, the aggravating factors included the unlawful entry into the second victim's home, the use of violence, the offending occurring whilst the defendant was on bail, the number of participants involved in the offending, and the use of the weapon. The defendant was sentenced to a total of five years' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 22 May 2017.