R v Kipa [2017] NZDC 11707

Published 20 November 2017

Sentencing — aggravated robbery — burglary — unlawfully taking a motor vehicle — unlawfully getting into a vehicle — unlawfully interfering with a motor vehicle — intentional damage — possession of amphetamine. The defendant stole a vehicle and later that day drove to a liquor store with a codefendant. The defendant and the codefendant robbed the store of the cash and cigarettes. The victims family members attempted to stop the men leaving the store, but were able to leave after brandishing the screwdriver. They left in the stolen vehicle. However the victim took a hockey stick and smashed the windows of the vehicle causing the occupants to flee. The defendant received a discount for his youth and guilty plea and was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment. Judgment Date: 31 May 2017