R v Naketoatama [2017] NZDC 11813

Published 20 November 2017

Sentencing — injuring with intent to injure — wounding with intent to injure — strike warning. The victims walked past the defendant's house whilst intoxicated and were tipping over road cones. The defendant believed that they were responsible for putting a road cone on his sister's car causing the alarm to sound. The defendant followed the victims and called out to them before striking each of the victims. The first victim lost consciousness as a result of the blow, and the second victim suffered serious brain injuries from which he was unlikely to fully recover. The court had regard to the fact that the defendant had demonstrated himself to be of good character including providing a number of written references. A modest discount was given having taken that into account. The defendant was sentenced to three years' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 2 June 2017.