R v Hohepa [2017] NZDC 12980

Published 12 October 2017

Sentencing — burglary — unlawfully taking a motor vehicle — driving while forbidden — failure to stop — escaping from lawful custody — intentional damage. The defendant and others entered three homes in a manner that caused significant damage. The homes were searched and items including electronics and jewellery were taken from each home. The defendant was found in the loft area of the third address wearing a pair of shoes that had been taken from the second property. On a separate occasion, the police attended the defendant's home as he had returned to the address late following an approved absence. The defendant ran from the property and "ripped off" his GPS bracelet. The court took into account the fact that the defendant had attended restorative justice, the burglary being of residential addresses, the defendant's previous convictions, youth and guilty plea. The defendant was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of two years and six months. Judgment Date: 16 June 2017.