R v Nuku [2017] NZDC 13071

Published 14 November 2017

Sentencing — possession of methamphetamine for supply — supplying methamphetamine — offering to supply methamphetamine — selling cannabis — offering to sell cannabis — possession of utensils — driving while forbidden — resisting police — R v Fatu [2006] NZLR 72 (CA). The defendant attracted the attention of police driving whilst he was forbidden. The defendant threw a bag of methamphetamine to his co-defendant which led to a search being conducted. Methamphetamine, $960, scales, and two pipes were found as a result of that search. In sentencing, the court took into account the defendant's previous convictions, totality, remorse, and guilty pleas which had been entered at different stages. The defendant was sentenced to four years and three months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 19 June 2017.