R v Latemore [2017] NZDC 13518

Published 13 November 2017

Sentencing — aggravated robbery. The defendant visited the victim store and made a small purchase as a means of "casing the joint". Eight minutes later, the defendant dropped her male associate at the store, he was armed with a metal pipe that had two steak knives taped to one end that the defendant had made. The associate robbed the store using that weapon to intimidate the shop owner. The defendant acted as a get-away driver and left the premises at a high speed, having to swerve to avoid the shop owner which almost caused an accident with an oncoming vehicle. During the offending, the defendant's two children were in the vehicle with her. In sentencing, the court noted the defendant's previous convictions, loss to the victim, the threatened use of the weapon and the presence of the defendant's two young children during the aggravated robbery. The court found that the defendant was a greater participant in the offending than her associate who had entered the store with the weapon as she had use her vehicle, planned the robbery, taken her children and hidden her associates clothing under her house following the robbery. The court noted that the offending was motivated by the defendant's drug addiction and that the defendant was willing to undertake interventions whilst in custody. The defendant was sentenced to three years and three months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 22 June 2017.