New Zealand Police v Bellworthy [2017] NZDC 13993

Published 01 December 2017

Sentencing — defendant exited from Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court — theft — receiving — using a document — possession of utensils — driving whilst suspended — burglary — entry of a building — failure to appear. The defendant was sentenced having been exited from the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court after methamphetamine was found in her system. The defendant's offending was motivated by a need for funds to purchase methamphetamine. The offending involved home invasion, theft, burglary and receiving stolen goods. Discounts were given for the time that the defendant spent in the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court, and credit for guilty pleas. The defendant was sentenced to two years' imprisonment with leave granted to apply to substitute the sentence. Judgment Date: 28 June 2017.