New Zealand Police v Weepu [2017] NZDC 14632

Published 01 December 2017

Sentencing — injuring with intent to injure — using a document — possession of utensils — possession of methamphetamine — breach of bail. The defendant was sentenced having pleaded guilty to charges including breaches of bail, using a PayWave credit card and injuring with intent to injure. In respect of the injuring with intent charge, the defendant ran at the victim and forcibly pushed him from behind, the victim fell unconscious as a result of the impact with the kerb. As a result, the victim suffered a ruptured eyeball, cuts and bruising. In respect of the using a document charge, the defendant used an elderly victim's PayWave bank card. The court applied an uplift for the defendant's previous convictions; and gave a discount for the entry of guilty pleas. The defendant received a final sentence of two years and three months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 30 June 2017.