R v Strickland [2017] NZDC 14704

Published 15 November 2017

Sentencing — wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The defendant was at a family reunion when while armed with two home-made weapons and a glass bottle, he approached the victim. The defendant attacked the victim with the weapons hitting her multiple times. During this time the glass bottle broke and the defendant used the jagged neck of the bottle to strike her in a slashing fashion. The defendant followed the victim, stabbing her multiple times with the home-made weapon and bottle about her arms, legs, head and body. Family members eventually arrived after hearing the victim call for help and prevented the defendant continuing the assault by standing between the defendant and the victim. Aggravating factors include extreme violence, the use of potentially lethal weapons, premeditation, and injuries sustained. A sentence of to six years and eight months imprisonment with a minimum period of three years and four months was imposed. Judgment Date: 4 July 2017 * * * Note: names have been changed to comply with legal requirements. * * *