R v Gray [2017] NZDC 15656

Published 05 December 2017

Aggravated robbery — robbery of dairy — use of a syringe as a weapon — sentencing — Crimes Act 1961, s 235 (c) R v Mako [2000] 2 NZLR 170 (CA). The defendant was sentenced having pleaded guilty to robbing a dairy by threatening the victim with a syringe. The defendant told the victim that if she didn't hand over the money, she would get a disease. The court noted that the offending fell within the "Mako" decision — the offending involved a small retail shop, a weapon, threats, and an attempt to conceal identity. The court further took into account the small degree of planning and premeditation, the defendant's previous convictions, remorse, and early guilty plea. The defendant was sentenced to two years' and 11 months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 17 July 2017.