R v Grey [2017] NZDC 16156

Published 18 January 2018

Assault with a weapon — assault on a child — child abuse — sentencing. The defendant was sentenced for assaulting two of her children over a period of years. On one occasion, the defendant hit a victim with a wooden spoon until it broke, and on another occasion a victim was hit with a vacuum cleaner pipe. The court took into account the defendant's pre-sentence report which identified her family background and victim impact statements. Aggravating factors included the use of a weapon, the duration of the offending, vulnerability and number of victims, attacks to the head and the injuries sustained by the victims. The court took into account the fact that the defendant had undertaken a parenting course, the defendant's upbringing, and a full discount for guilty plea. The court did not consider that the defendant would receive the help required in a home detention sentence. The defendant was sentenced to 18 months' intensive supervision with special conditions, and three months' community detention. Judgment Date: 21 July 2017. * * * Note: names have been changed to comply with legal requirements. * * *