New Zealand Police v Alletson [2017] NZDC 17942

Published 02 February 2018

Theft by person in a special relationship — flatmate — obtain by deception — obtain control over services — sentencing. The defendant and the victim were friends and flatmates, having met in 2012. They had entered into a tenancy agreement with two others and started living together. All flat related accounts were set up by the defendant and the victim. The tenancy eventually ended, and at a later date the victim returned to the address to check for mail and discovered letters from various companies saying that accounts were in arrears and had to be paid immediately. The defendant had completed applications with various service providers and accrued a debt of $2910.11 in the victim's name. On another occasion while the defendant was employed as a sales assistant, he put various items in a bag and gave it to another person who left the store without paying. The court noted that while the defendant pleaded guilty there was a gross breach of trust and the defendant showed little remorse for the offending. The defendant was sentenced to five months and two weeks' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 11 August 2017