R v Lumsden [2017] NZDC 20243

Published 19 March 2018

Criminal nuisance — supply of methamphetamine — drug dealing — sentencing. The defendant was sentenced having entered guilty pleas to two sets of offending. In respect of the criminal nuisance charges, the defendant engaged in unprotected sexual activity with three victims whilst knowing that he was HIV positive. Each victim had asked the defendant if he was clean before the sexual intercourse, and the defendant had assured them that he was. The defendant was also sentenced for supplying methamphetamine on three occasions. The court gave credits for guilty plea and previous good character as the defendant was a first offender. The defendant was sentenced to two years' imprisonment on the supply charges; and six months' imprisonment on the charge of criminal nuisance, to be served cumulatively. Judgment Date: 7 September 2017.