R v Edmond [2017] NZDC 20467

Published 14 March 2018

Supplying methamphetamine — possession of methamphetamine for supply — possession of LSD for supply — possession of ecstasy for supply — possession of hashish for supply — possession of amphetamine for supply — possession of cannabis for supply — cultivation of cannabis — receiving — possession of utensils for methamphetamine — drugs — drug dealer — sentencing. The defendant was sentenced having pleaded guilty to multiple drug related offences and receiving; most offending pertaining to the cultivation and possession of drugs for the purposes of supply in an operation that, it was found, validly compared to that of a supermarket. . The court adopted a seven and a half year starting point and found that the only credit available to the defendant was for his guilty plea. The defendant was sentenced to a total period of imprisonment of six years and six months. Judgment Date: 12 September 2017.