New Zealand Police v Hristov [2017] NZDC 23284

Published 22 June 2018

Using a document — cloning ATM cards — skimming — sentencing — R v Varjan CA87/03 — Haron v Police HC Auckland. The defendants were sentenced having pleaded guilty to charges of using a document to commit a crime. The offending involved "skimming", inserting card reading devices into ATM machines and using them to "clone" 11 ATM cards. The defendants caused a loss of $15,060 across 188 withdrawals. The court took a starting point of 12 months' imprisonment taking into consideration the fact that reparation was to be ordered and allowed reductions on the basis that a prison sentence would be more difficult for non-English speakers and for the early guilty pleas. Both defendants were sentenced to eight months' home detention and ordered to pay $7,500 each with a portion to be paid to the victim bank. Judgment Date: 12 October 2017.