R v Adams [2017] NZDC 27017

Published 13 September 2018

Aggravated robbery — breach of extended supervision order — sentencing — R v Mako [2000] 2 NZLR 170 (CA). The defendant was sentenced on two aggravated robbery charges, and one charge relating to removing a GPS tracker and absconding. In respect of the aggravated robbery charges, the defendant entered two establishments, a food centre and a dairy. At the first location the defendant entered with his face covered and a knife; on the second occasion the defendant acted as a getaway driver. The court noted that the defendant was assessed as being at a high risk of re-offending and the defendant's previous convictions. The defendant was sentenced to five years and two months' imprisonment. Reparation was sought but not ordered. Judgment Date: 28 November 2017.