R v Peter Brooks [2017] NZDC 2802

Published 27 April 2017

Using a document for pecuniary advantage — theft by a person in a special relationship — sentencing. The defendant was sentenced on charges of using a document to obtain pecuniary advantage to three years and one month imprisonment. On the charge of theft by a person in a special relationship a concurrent sentence of six months was imposed. The offending occurred against a person that the defendant befriended who was particularly vulnerable. Over a two month period the defendant made 76 unauthorised withdrawals on the victim's card to the total value of $34,503. Discounts were made from a starting point of three years and three months considering personal mitigating features and the defendant's age. Reparation of $15,000 was ordered as the defendant was unable to pay the full amount. Judgment Date: 13 February 2017.