R v Paul [2017] NZDC 5248

Published 13 July 2017

Sentencing — rape — indecent assault — injury with intent to injure — assault with intent to commit rape — abduction for sex — aggravated injury — unlawful sexual connection — strike offence — R v AM [2012] NZCA 114. The defendant on two occasions lured intoxicated young women into his car and attempted to have sex with them, punching both victims multiple times. In sentencing the court described the defendant's lack of remorse, and found that no credit for previous good character could be given given that there were two distinct rape offences. Aggravating factors included the planning and pre-meditation, violence, attacking of the head, detention, victim vulnerability, harm to the victim, the scale of offending and the degree of violation. The defendant was sentenced to a total of 13 years' imprisonment with a minimum period of imprisonment of six years and three months. Judgment Date: 13 March 2017.