R v Ching [2017] NZDC 6005

Published 11 August 2017

Sentencing — wounding with intent to injure — possession of an offensive weapon — knife. The defendant confronted the victim with a knife and threatened to stab him. The defendant and victim engaged in an argument, and the defendant thrust at the victim five times with the knife, stabbing him on the fifth occasion. The court noted the defendant's previous convictions and that restorative justice was unable to take place. The defendant had claimed that he had not meant to injure the victim, and had only intended to frighten him as he had thought that the victim had stolen something from him. The court accepted that the victim was not vulnerable. Uplifts were given for the use of a weapon and the defendant's previous history. A full credit was given for the defendant's guilty plea. The defendant was sentenced to a total of two years' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 21 March 2017.