R v Crawford [2017] NZDC 6650

Published 13 July 2017

Sentencing — rape — sexual assault — offering to supply methamphetamine — strike warning. The defendant offered to sell methamphetamine to the victim and arranged to meet at an unoccupied house. The defendant made up a story about Police coming, and as a result the victim hid in a wardrobe to avoid being seen. The defendant sexually assaulted the victim whilst they were in the wardrobe. One of the difficulties the court faced was whether the offer to supply was a genuine offer or was merely a means to get the victim into the building. The court found that the methamphetamine aspect was an aggravating factor to the overall offending. The court gave the defendant a small discount for immaturity and lack of serious convictions and sentenced him to six and half years imprisonment. Judgment Date: 29 March 2017