R v Williams [2017] NZDC 7223

Published 13 October 2017

Sentencing — assault with intent to injure — common assault — wounding with intent to injure — possession of an offensive weapon — breach of bail. The defendant engaged with the principal victim on more than one occasion over the course of one evening across several locations. The defendant also assaulted the associate of the principal victim, and ran towards the principal victim with a bottle, striking him in the head with it. The defendant then used the same bottle in a threatening manner when confronted by police. The principal victim suffered lacerations to the face and neck area. As a result of the confrontation with police, the defendant was eventually tasered. The court identified the aggravating factors as being the degree of premeditation, attack to the head, the use of a weapon, and the seriousness of the injuries suffered as a result of the offending. The defendant was sentenced to two years and one month imprisonment on the charge of wounding with intent to injure, with all other sentences to be served concurrently. Judgment Date: 4 April 2017.