R v Kura [2018] NZDC 22070

Published 16 April 2019

Sentencing — aggravated robbery — unlawful possession of a rifle and ammunition — remorse. The defendant appeared for sentencing on charges relating to an aggravated robbery of a store and unlawful possession of a rifle and ammunition. The Judge had previously provided a sentencing indication of five years' imprisonment, although at the time of sentencing the Judge had access to further submissions, including the victim impact statement. The Judge noted the personal history of the defendant, including his excellent work ethic, but also his numerous appearances in the Youth and Adult Courts, gang affiliations, and drug use. The Judge granted a six month reduction from the sentencing indication for remorse and a willingness to be involved with restorative justice. The final sentence was four years six months' imprisonment, and $1000 in reparations to the victim, which was the insurance excess at the jewellery store. Judgment Date: 16 October 2018.