New Zealand Police v Holtham [2018] NZDC 4417

Published 17 April 2019

Sentencing — burglary and theft spree — supermarket burglary — car theft — R v Southon CA 314/02. The defendant appeared for sentencing on a series of charges, largely relating to the theft of two vehicles and the burglary of a supermarket where he had been employed. This was the lead charge. The defendant entered the supermarket's storeroom and acquired the store keys. He left the butchery roller door unlocked and returned with an associate and stole $8000 worth of meat. The defendant then committed theft on four occasions and car offences, used a bank card for pecuniary advantage, and stole two vehicles. The total value of the defendant's offending was approximately $13,500. On the burglary charge, the Judge reached a starting point of three years' imprisonment, given the aggravated features; namely the extent of the loss, the abuse of trust of a former employer, and the premeditation. The Judge then uplifted that 18 months for the other charges, and a further 12 months for the defendant's previous offending. The Judge then turned to the mitigating factors. In particular, the Judge credited the defendant six months for remorse and 12 months for the guilty pleas, leaving a final sentence of four years' imprisonment. The defendant was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence for six months, and the remaining charges were sentenced concurrently. No reparations were ordered, as the defendant lacked the means. Judgment Date: 7 March 2018.