R v Hosay [2018] NZDC 579

Published 09 October 2018

Intent to cause grievous bodily harm — sentencing. The defendant appeared for sentencing on one charge of intent to cause grievous bodily harm as a result of events that took place after the defendant found his partner in bed with the victim. The defendant became enraged and lost control, striking the complainant on the head and shin several times with the blunt side of an axe. The defendant struck the victim on the arm resulting in it breaking, the victim was then dragged off the mattress and the assault continued. The defendant contacted the emergency services calling for assistance immediately. Aggravating features included the weapon used and the significant injures that resulted. Mitigating features included the fact that this was an impulsive reaction to the defendants partner's infidelity, remorse and the defendant's commitment to counselling. The defendant was sentenced to three years' and nine months' imprisonment. Judgment Date: 16 January 2018