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  1. Anabelle Edgar v Laura Stenet [2016] NZFC 1721

    Care of Children Act 2004, ss, 4, 4(2)(a)(i), 5. The Judge ordered the child’s return to live in shared care between the father and grandmother if...

  2. New Zealand Police v Mana Thaugland [2016] NZDC 25874

    Dishonesty offending — driving with excess breath alcohol — wilful damage — careless driving — breach of community work — sentencing. The defendant was sentenced...

  3. R v Shawn Thompson-Sampson [2016] NZDC 14792

    Mistrial — arson — jury discharged — inadmissible evidence — Evidence Act 2006, ss 7, 8 and 43. The Judge declared a mistrial and discharged...