Online Summary Database

Note that this database is currently being transferred from the previous site. The full database is currently only able to be accessed using the National Library archived version of the previous Ministry of Justice website.

To access the database go to  Courts>Youth Court>Legislation and Decisions.

This database contains an archive of Youth Court case summaries from 1988 until March 2016. Case summaries are arranged:

  • By key title
  • By date
  • By section number of the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989 (referred to on this database as CYPFA or CYPF Act)

Note that case summaries are only arranged under a particular key title or section if they deal with it in some depth.

If a case summary is attributed to a legal publisher you should locate the full judgment via that publisher's company. Unattributed summaries have been prepared by the Office of the Principal Youth Court Judge.

To request a judgment that is contained in the Youth Court Summaries contact the office of the Principal Youth Court Judge on (04) 914 3446 or by emailing the Research Counsel to the Principal Youth Court Judge.

The Office of the Principal Youth Court Judge would like to extend its thanks to those who contributed to the development of this database, in particular:

  • Previous Research Counsel Rhonda Thompson, Tim Hall, Tracey Cormack, Linda McIver, Emily Bruce, Sacha Norrie and Kate Peirse-O'Byrne.
  • Ms Margaret Gifford, Senior Solicitor, Child Youth and Family Services, Christchurch and Chris Richardson, Judicial Libraries Team, Ministry of Justice.
  • Matthew Crooymans, previous Judgment Publication Assistant for the Family and Youth Courts.
  • The Webteam at the Ministry of Justice, in particular Dylan Neal, Shane Hooper and Ana Medina.