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R v Milgate Vassalini [2022] NZDC 10708

Published 18 November 2022

Pretrial — name suppression — sexual connection with young person — Criminal Procedure Act 2011, s 200(2)(a). The defendant faced charges of sexual connection with a young person. He pleaded not guilty and sought interim name suppression on the grounds that publication of his name would cause extreme hardship to him and his family. The Court did not accept that there would be extreme hardship to the defendant himself, but did partly accept a separate submission that publication would also cause undue hardship to a church where the defendant was heavily involved. The Court ordered suppression of the defendant's name, the name of the church, and the location of the alleged offending, pending trial. Note: interim name suppression in respect of the defendant has lapsed. Judgment Date: 13 April 2022.